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A Cup Of Joe: About Coffee

For many, going without a cup of coffee in the morning means they just can’t function or go about their daily routine. It is usually an acquired taste; first time drinkers find the aroma very appealing, but the actual taste doesn’t really taste as good as the aroma smells.

A Short History Of Coffee

Most believe that coffee was originally discovered by mankind in Ethiopia. Once local monks discovered it, they began to dry the berries and ship them to other monasteries. The berries would be refreshed with water and then the fruit would be eaten and the water that the berries had soaked in would be drunk as well.

By the time the dried berries made it to the Middle East, there was quite a lot of interest in them and farmers began...

How to import coffee to the USA

For any traveler the idea of going in search of a morning coffee following a late arrival can be daunting and so many take their own coffee with them so they can avail themselves without hassle of their morning pick-me-up.

Others might prefer a specific coffee brand that might not be available in their destination although some global coffee brands can be found around the world with little difficulty.

However, bringing coffee into any of the 50 territories is subject to import legislation regardless of whether it is instant coffee, strong ground coffee or any other derivative of...