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Coffee’s Best Partner: The Coffee Cake

What goes best with coffee you ask? Why its coffee cake of course! Coffee cake has been around since the 17th century. It started in Europe and is still one of the most popular sidekicks of coffee today. Rumor has it that Germany created the first coffee treat, resembling sweetbread more than cake. Now today’s coffee cake is filled with a variety of goodies ranging from fruits to nuts and they may be covered in a delicious icing.

A homemade coffee cake is usually the best when served up for breakfast or as a light mid morning snack with brunch. Either way you dish it up your sweet tooth will thank you. In the warmth of the summer, you will find coffee cake is generally made with some type of fruit such as; apples, blueberries, peaches, pineapples and even pears. Most any nut you can think of has been added to this delicious concoction giving it that crunch and added flavor making the coffee cake one of the best sot after cakes.

Coffee Cake With Vegetables?

You may have even tried a coffee cake that was made with some type of vegetable. Most common vegetables to use when making coffee cake are broken down to three categories. (Potatoes, summer squash and carrots and last but not least hard skinned vegetables) The hard skinned vegetables and potatoes must be boiled first and mashed or pureed before they can be used in the recipe because if used in a recipe raw they will not cook through for lack of moisture. Summer squash and the carrots are wet enough that they cook well and keep the cake very moist.

Once you try a coffee cake chances are you will be hooked and every time you reach for a cup of coffee you will be looking for it’s scrumptious partner. Coffee and the coffee cake is truly a match made in heaven. They go side-by-side, hand in hand and for some they can’t imagine having one without the other. So whether you have a sweet tooth and crave the sweetest of cakes or you prefer to have just a hint of honey, you can be sure that there is a perfect matched coffee cake out there with your name on it. If you have never tried a coffee cake then you do no know what you are missing. Go down to the nearest donut or coffee shop and get yourself one, guaranteed you’ll be back for seconds.

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