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Coffee Press: Control Your Tamper

Acoffee press is a hot coffee brewing device. It sounds simple but there is a whole lot of history behind a coffee press. Ask any coffee-loving old-timer about a coffee press pot, you will not be dry of any conversation material for hours together. It may look simple and sound simple, but when it comes to brewing aroma-rich, full-flavored, wow-smelling coffee, the age-old coffee press steals the honors. The coffee press has been around since the late-1800s, but it gained its popularity around very early 1900.

How Does A Coffee Press Work?

The working of a coffee press is very simple. To be more accurate: A coffee press looks like a carafe, and it features a press, which is a piston-like rod, connected to a cylindrical-shaped filter. This press passes through the center of the carafe. So, here is how you work it: First, grind your coffee beans; in fact, give them a coarse finish because they need to pass on the flavors when hot water is poured over them. Place the ground beans in the filter and let the filter hang around in the middle of the carafe. Now, boil some fresh water, lift the handle and pour the water on to the press, and start applying pressure using the piston-handle. The hot water will connect with the ground beans in the filter and extract their flavor, acids and other substances.

Coffee Press: Pros And Cons

Any coffee-brewing device has its share of admirers and critics. The same goes with the coffee press. Any true coffee lover will tell you that a coffee press produces a naturally flavored, richly textured coffee. You do not need a paper filter to filter out the wet grounds. So much for the advantages. Critics point out that the coffee brewed by a coffee press must be consumed immediately – if you give it time it will lose its aroma and texture. There are some sediment deposits (some of the coarsely grounded coffee beans that might have escaped the filter) left over in a coffee press – some people feel that these sediments make the coffee taste go bitter.


A coffee press is the original way to make coffee. A lot of things have changed since then. Technology plays a big part in our life and makes doing things easier for us. The same goes for the press. There are new automatic machines that grind, tamp, and make coffee at the touch of a button. But to each his own: many people want to save time, so they go for the newer variants, while others who like a rich, well-brewed coffee with all its natural ingredients go for the coffee press.