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Coffee Table Set – The Place Where Women Relax Best

Iread somewhere a very beautiful description of the coffee table set – it was called, a “conversation centre piece”. Truly, there is no other place where people are not more relaxed and happy to exchange some or other pleasantries than across the coffee table set. Small girls, start early with their coffee table set and the doll cups of coffee/ tea while parents (women) look on.

How Should A Coffee Table Set Look?

Many people ask, should the coffee table set look in a certain way, have a certain platform, be of a certain size or shape? Should it conform to rules? It’s not necessary for you to conform to any rules, unless it is for official and formal parties. However, people in general feel that having a cup of coffee is actually a more serious thing than having a cup of tea.

It looks like tea time is fun time, while the coffee time is business time. Though some think coffee tastes better and keeps you active for a longer time, people prefer tea for picnic and fun times. The trend and outlook towards coffee influence to a great extent the way the coffee table set looks too. The most popular ones are a little austere, nonetheless exceptionally beautiful.

The Most Popular Models

There are many styles of coffee table sets in the world. The best looking are without any doubt the French ones. Just as the British established tea and tea time all over their kingdom, so did the French promote the coffee and coffee furniture. This is what made coffee so popular all over the world. As a matter of fact the French cane sets, glass-topped tables and tiny Indian-style tables are the only ones measuring up to the international quality and standards.

The coffee table can be used for playing cards, gossiping and of course, drinking coffee and having pastries. Little girls the world over imitate this aspect while playing with their dolls. The best coffee table sets are those which are a bit taller than tea tables where you can sit comfortably on a bean-bag chair and play some game or discuss light gossip with close friends.

Of course, cane sets are the best and also the most costly. However, in many places now designer furniture is available in installments, so you should be able to buy whatever you like from wherever you like and enjoy a cozy coffee party at your home.

What is Soy Latte

Did you know that most of the health conditions can be avoided through proper dieting and taking part in physical exercises more often? Soy latte is one of the recommended beverages that you can prepare at home with your latte machine (or even without it) and carry to work or order at one of the local coffee shops. It is packed with nutrients that will promote your overall health and wellness.

The four main ingredients used to prepare a perfect cup of soy latte are:

  • 10 ounces of original soy milk
  • One shot of espresso
  • Coconut sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon of ground cinnamon.

Here is a video on how to prepare soy latte at home.

But for purposes of this article, we will go through the health benefits of three of the main ingredients used to prepare soy latte namely soy milk, coconut sugar, and ground cinnamon.

Health Benefits of Soy Milk

Promote Weight Loss

Excess weight is associated with countless health conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and the list continues. You can cushion yourself from all these conditions by taking soy milk more often. It contains a high amount of fibre that has a potent effect on the good cholesterol levels as well as BMI.

To get faster results, doctors recommend combine it with a low-fat diet and physical exercises. The intensity of the exercises will depend on your current body weight. It is wise to seek the help of a professional trainer to avoid injuries and know the specific exercises that you should take part in to complement the soy milk and low-fat diet.

Improve Heart Health

The heart is one of the most important organs in the body and you cannot afford to neglect it. Soy milk will ensure that this organ is always pumping blood at an optimal rate by increasing the levels of good cholesterol in your body. This effect will greatly reduce your risk of heart diseases.

Soy milk has also been proven to be capable of increasing the levels of plasma lipids thereby reducing one’s susceptibility to heart complications later in life. More importantly, it has high amount of minerals, vitamins, and polyunsaturated fats that all work together to better heart health.

Treat Skin Issues Such as Acne

If you suffer from acne, let me assure you that you are not alone. Millions of people have this problem and more have managed to get healed completely by not only taking medications but also incorporating soy latte in their diet. The soy milk used to prepare the latte has the ability to reduce hyper pigmentations.

What is hyperpigmentation? Well, this is one of the most common questions that we get from our readers. Basically, this is a condition that results in darkening of some sections of the skin. There are also studies which show soy has anti-aging properties.

Promote Hair Growth

Hair loss is another common problem that you can cushion yourself from by learning how to prepare a cup of soy latte at home. Coupled with a protein-rich diet, soy milk can promote growth of hair. It will also strengthen the strands thereby preventing further loss. You will definitely fall in love with your new facial appearance if you lost some hair in the past or have frizzy hair that often seem unmanageable.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Contains High Amounts of Anti-Oxidants

Most of the common diseases including cancers are caused by oxidation of free radicals that exist in your body. Cinnamon has been proven to contain high amounts of antioxidants that protect the body from the oxidative damage caused by the free radicals such as polyphenols.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation is an important biological process that enhances the body’s ability to ward off infections. It also helps to foster the rate at which damage tissues are repaired. However, inflammation can become an issue when it affects the various body organs directly or is chronic.

By drinking soy latte daily or several times per week, you will supply your body with enough cinnamon that it requires to prevent such inflammation issues. That is, it will ensure that inflammation does not exceed the right levels.

Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Scientific studies have been proven to significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases. By the way, did you knot that the largest number of premature deaths in the world are caused by heart complications? Well now you know.

No need to worry, by starting to enjoy a cup of soy latte more often, you will significantly promote your heart health thereby live a long and fulfilling lifestyle. How does it do this? Cinnamon, which we already mentioned is one of the main ingredients, reduces the levels of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol while ensuring that the levels of HDL cholesterol (which is beneficial) to the body remains optimal.

Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin is a hormone whose primary role is to regulate energy use and metabolic rate. It facilitates transportation of blood sugar from the blood to the cells. However, most people become resistant to insulin and develop type 2 diabetes.

All is not lost through; this condition can be reversed by cinnamon as it has the ability to reduce or rathe lower the insulin resistance. As a result of this effect, the hormone is able to perform its function in the body normally.

Health Benefits of Coconut Sugar

The role of coconut sugar when preparing soy latte is to act as a sweetener. It contains high amounts of electrolytes such as magnesium, sodium, and potassium that ensure the amount of water in the body does not exceed the recommended level. These electrolytes also help you promote the functionalism of the muscles, nervous system, and the heart.

Another benefit is that it has a low glycaemic index (GI) and this is one of the main reasons why we don’t use the normal table sugar to prepare soy latte. The normal sugar has a GI of 65 while coconut sugar has a GI of 35. It is equivalent to the natural sugar found in fruits such as mangoes and so it cannot cause issues such as weight gain and uncontrolled spikes in sugar levels.

Final Thoughts

There you go, those are the health benefits of soy latte and please make sure that you watch the video to learn how to prepare a cup of soy latte on your own at home. You can even surprise your friends with it over the weekend when they visit and be sure to explain the ingredients and the health benefits. Good Luck!